Good day.  Welcome to Meister's Realm.  I’m working to keep a complete and updated list of American Renaissance Festivals, Medieval Faires, Fairy Faires, Highland Games, Irish Festivals and Viking Festivals.  There are hundreds of these events across America.  You can peruse this site to see photos of many of them and read interviews with those involved in making these magical events come alive.  There is much more to see and hear as well.

The next time you’re at a faire, give a hearty “Huzzah!” to the performers you like.  Please also remember to give them a tip at the end of their show.  For some of them, making faire goers smile is all they do for a living.

Questions or comments about Renaissance Faires and the like?  Feel free to contact me at or on Facebook.  Look for me there at Meisters Realm. 

You can advertise your Renaissance faire or business on this website or on the flyers I hand out at Renaissance Faires.  Just $3 (yes three dollars) per year to post your logo in either medium.

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Visitors as of September in the year of our Lord, 2017:  Over a quarter of a million.                             

Renfest Forums for catching up on what is going on at all the events in the country.

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